Our members refer partly because we all follow the NRN Client Bill of Rights, which sets a common standard of how people should be treated. Members jeopardize their status, star ratings, and continued membership if they violate these rules. We also have a strict approval process.

NRN is not a good fit for everyone:

You need to work well with others.
No hot shots.
We work as one team for the client.
Support each other publicly.
Settle differences privately.

Free members receive a cursory web search background check. Our primary review is done after an interaction. Emails are sent to both the person that made the review and to the person who was referred to the other professional. While we don’t post star ratings for Free members, we do track this information and will remove a member for poor performance.

Power and Premier members go through a more thorough background check, after they sign up. This includes web search, credit, criminal records, and potential phone interviews. Emails are also sent out after a referral, and we post their results on their profile.

We wish every professional could qualify, but we seek to maintain the high-quality standards that our members demand.