Evan Farr Authors Three Medicaid Planning Guides for Elder Guide™

  • Certified Elder Law Attorney, Evan H. Farr of the Farr Law Firm, P.C. (https://www.farrlawfirm.com), has been featured as a subject matter expert and has co-authored Elder Guide Medicaid planning guides for Virginia, Maryland, and DC for Elder Guide™. Due to the tremendous complexity of the Medicaid laws, the Medicaid application process is extremely complicated. In the Elder Guide Medicaid planning guides, Mr. Farr aims to provide clarification about the process in the three states where he practices law: Virginia, Maryland, and DC.
  • In the Elder Guide Medicaid planning guides, Mr. Farr covers topics including Numbers at a Glance; Assets; Income; Community-Based Care Waiver Services; Treatment of the Primary Residence; Protections for the Community Spouse; Spousal Refusal; Treatment of Annuities; Transfer Rules; Estate Recovery Rules; Relevant Federal and State Statutes, Regulations, and Rules. The guide includes a video where Mr. Farr is interviewed by Nick Lata, co-founder of Elder Guide™, discussing Countable vs Non-Countable assets. To view the interview in its entirety, visit https://youtu.be/axQaLIX_i4s.
  • Elder Guide™ helps people navigate the process of finding a quality nursing home by providing thorough and accurate information, including lists of hospitals and dialysis centers across the US, information on alternatives to nursing home care, as well as strategies for paying for your long-term care. They are currently building a 50-state guide to assist people in understanding how long-term care Medicaid works and how to qualify to have your nursing home bills paid your state’s Medicaid program. This is the guide that Mr. Farr contributed to for Virginia, Maryland, and DC. The links to access these state guides are as follows:
  • https://elderguide.com/virginia/medicaid/
  • https://elderguide.com/maryland/medicaid/