States: All US, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia


Jason Patel is founder and CEO of Transizion, a new kind of college prep organization. From an early age they help young students prepare for and identify the educational track that’s right for them. They work one on one with both students and parents in a way that is personal and not overwhelming. They also help families navigate the complex financial landscape so that families never overpay, and students receive the maximum possible value. They have a national network of experts that are at their client’s disposal.

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How can my daughter benefit from college planning with Transizion?

The world is changing faster than ever. Your ability to compete, standout, and persist through obstacles will make the different. We focus relentlessly on three things: exceptional quality, reducing your worry and anxiety related to college, and finding accountable solutions. ...

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Transizion Company Information

Transizion’s mission is to help keep the American Dream alive by training our young people to become the builders, teachers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and inventors of tomorrow. We live in contentious times, so the best we can do is ...

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