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At Protection Point Advisors our commitment is to you, our clients. We go beyond just managing money and actually get “involved” to help you create a deep and satisfying life that is rooted in happiness for you and all those you love. After all, isn’t that what life is all about, being happy, content and secure?

Protection Point Advisors’ clients tend to be those investors who are committed to a deeper purpose than simply the acquisition of wealth. We understand this type of personality and the lifestyle that accompanies this profile and are pleased to be able to support you in every way possible.

Here at Protection Point Advisors, you can be assured you’ll be working with a team of professional financial experts who will be by your side. In addition, you’ll be backed by an experienced company that is dedicated to your vision of success that complements the driving principles by which you live your life.

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PPA Intro: How To Generate Income

It is said that public markets represent just 35% of the investible universe, with the remaining 65% being alternative investments. These alternative investments can be risky & speculative assets such as hedge funds, but some can be fairly stable. Structured Income is ...

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PPA Intro: 2021 Mid-Year Market Outlook

What's happened and what's next? In this webinar we review what's been happening in the world of finance over the last 6 months and discuss where we think this market is headed. We discuss various topics such as:

Layered Investment Management

For years, the industry has distilled portfolio management down to one word: diversification. While this remains a valid idea and should certainly be a part of anyone's long term investment approach, it shouldn’t end there. Through our experience we ...

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What are your fees?

Fees depend on what we are doing. We may charge fees on recreating tax basis or producing a financial plan. However, in most cases, we include those services as part of an asset management fee. We target our fees to ...

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