Secrets to Avoiding Legal Issues for Business Owners

Rich Daniels - Fractional General Counsel

Professional Insights with Rich Daniels: Navigating the Legal Landscape as a Fractional General Counsel

Join us for an enlightening episode of our Professional Insights series as we sit down with Rich Daniels, the founder and President of Intrepid Legal, Inc. Rich is a seasoned legal executive and strategic partner who has helped organizations maximize business operations, minimize legal exposure, and reduce costs across various industries.

Rich shares his journey from private practice to becoming a trusted advisor and fractional general counsel in this interview. We explore the following topics:
– The role of a traditional general counsel and how a fractional general counsel differs
– The types of businesses that benefit most from a fractional general counsel
– How business owners can identify their need for general counsel
– Strategies for selecting outside counsel for specific legal needs
– The key legal challenges faced by small and large companies in today’s environment
– Common legal pitfalls companies encounter and how to avoid them
– How Rich leverages his network of professionals to benefit his clients